Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Extreme conditions!

Hello, we are all at home today as school has been officially cancelled due to the potential for extreme weather conditions.
This is how I'm feeling today, I was looking through my old books and found these gorgeous pictures, I think I will save this book for Grace, it's too cute to cut up!

I must be off, the local newspaper have phoned us, they are visiting our home to take photos of children at home from school due to the weather forecast.
Yes they chose us because we have so many children, wish me luck!

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway we will draw a winner tonight. Enjoy your day, thanks for dropping in! Leah


Lucy said...

Oh your banner is gorgeous!

Belua Designs said...

what a cute book! I can see why you want to save it :)

Joanne said...

The wind has just started to blow a bit stronger here. Hopefully the showers this morning and overcast conditions will keep the temperatures low. I know that won't help the fire fronts much.
Our kids have gone to school- we are large town suburban. I just hope that a lot of parents haven't gone to work and left young children home alone.

Ruth said...

We had five inches of snow overnight - and here I thought spring was coming!

Sandie said...

Very windy here Leah. Hope all is well in your area.

Goodluck with your photo shoot!!!!

Thanks for the gorgeous card you sent through to me for the Card Drive for the fire victims. I am delivering them tomorrow - just in time.

Take care.

Luv Sandie

Chrisy said...

Gorgeous pic and can understand why you feel like that mummy bunny...take care and have fun with your little bunnies...

lyptis said...

Love ur blog, this book is just too cute!!

Like Chrisy said, ure a mummy bunnie!;)

elsiee said...

just discovered your blog on the etsy forum post - so glad I did! it's lovely!

come visit me sometime:

Paper Lady Invites said...

Oh no! I love your blog! I read through it and is so fun! I'll be adding you to my blog list on my blog for sure!
Also, thanks for entering the Unique Women in Business Ad Spot Giveaway. We now have April's giveaway up if you are interested! Good luck!