Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please click!

<----- See that button right there? If you click, it should take you to the Etsy Artist of The Day, which just happens to be me today, Yay! Leah


Emjie said...

Congratulations on the feature.

The scottie looks so warm and cuddly.

Etsy Item of the Day said...

You have a great shop! Awesome work Leah!


elsiee said...

That's very exciting and well deserved!! Congrats! elsie

MonikaRose said...

Hello Leah, how are you?

Congratulations on your Artistic Item.

Great creations, keep up the great work.

Have a Fantastic day and week ahead :)


Petrina McDonald said...

oh how cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

good for you Leah! well done...there seems to be a ground swell around your wares at the moment....have sold 2 scotties and an elephant over the last few days in the shop too!keep up the good work! shelley

kMT graphic design said...

ohhh congrats!! Jackie has great taste!!