Thursday, September 3, 2009


Patrick Q

Hello, today we will be picking up new family car! Very exciting for all of us. Just over a month ago Danny and I had a terrible car accident, nobody was seriously injured, luckily all of the children were at home with babysitters, we were all set for a great child free night out, we spent it together at the hospital! Our poor old family car, (which we all loved) was a total "write off!" Insurance has finally been all sorted and we will have our new car all ready for our mini holiday to Murrabit. Toby wants me to sew him a green chenille purse to take along and Jack wants to spend his birthday money on new plants for our garden ♥♥♥
I must be off, I have more to sew for the market, picnics to pack etc. etc. etc! Thanks for popping in, we might see you at Murrabit. Leah


AnastasiaC said...

glad to hear no one was hurt in the car accident but still, its very scary out there....some people have no idea how to drive!!
ohhh very exciting - a new car, how wonderful!!
happy driving!

Kylie B said...

Oh so happy to hear you were all ok! But Yah about the NEW Car!

Anna - said...

Good to hear you are finally getting the new car! Have a great weekend away at Murrabit - i am sure you will do fantastically!

billy boy & mia said...

that is a great pic! Great to be getting a new car, and that all were ok :)

Joanne said...

Oh, the accident must have shaken you up! Glad you're not hurt and there is a silver lining. Enjoy your new car.