Monday, October 19, 2009

A lovely weekend!

Hello, I wish that I had remembered my camera! I could have shared some beautiful scenes with you! Bishops Lodge is a beautiful place and the weather was perfect. I thought that our little marquee looked great, but my sales were not fantastic. I purchased some super sweet Christmas gifts, the boys sold all of their eggs and parsley plants (they usually do well!) We also met some other lovely stall holders, which is always fun (none of which have websites to share). Several stall holders told me that they have success at Fields Days, does anybody have any experience to share?? I must ask my farming friends. We are trying to work out which markets to will attend in 2010. Have a lovely Monday! Leah


Anna - said...

Hi Leah, good to hear you had a lovely weekend, even if sales were a little slow. I'll pop you an email soon about some markets/shows/field days I have been looking into for 2010, although with a newborn bubba I don't really know how many I am going to get too!