Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish list Wednesday


Daisy Cottage

Hello, this is what I wish for this week, some rest! These photos look so peaceful. We spent all day yesterday at the hospital again, Harry is all plastered up now, (from the shoulder down to his hand)! Toby has been sick all night so I am washing+++ I have posted off several large wholesale orders for Vintage Chenille and have 2 more almost finished. I'm also preparing for another market on friday night, so I had better be off. Thanks for dropping in, Happy Wednesday! Leah


Petrina McDonald said...

gosh you are a busy bee!!! thinking of you with your sick boys :( I hope all are well again soon!

Paper Lady Invites said...

Oh, you sound so busy. I hopw it gets better soon.

edward and lilly said...

Hope your kids are on the mend!

sweetwilliam said...

Those chairs are so lovely, just my cuppa tea! Hope you find a spot for relaxation

Priscila said...

I love vintage chenille! Love your blog btw