Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our little Toby Ted has started kinder. The first 2 weeks have been orientation sesssions, it all starts tomorrow. He says that he would much rather stay at home with me ♥♥, there have only been a few tears. Have a lovely Sunday and "Happy valentines Day too!" Leah


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

My first little boy has just started kinder as well. Also 2 weeks of just 1.5 hours. He is very lucky to have a friend in the class with him. No tears yet but will see how the long sessions go with him getting tired at the end.

Anna - said...

Hope he settles in and finds some new friends Leah. Tom started 3 year old kinder this year, so only 3 hours a week but no tears, he doesn't want to leave when I come to pick him up! Good to hear Daylesford went well, I have been accepted for June which I noticed you have on your list to go to, I just haven't made a decision yet as to yes or no.