Monday, February 8, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend in Daylesford!

Hello, we had a wonderful time at the Daylesford Makers Market, I would share my pics but I have put my camera in a very safe place and now I can't find it! Our house is upsidedown due to new floor being laid, we had to make our lunch with Grace's tea set today! There are lots of wonderful pics of the makers market right here. I wish that I could have a stall there more often, but we live so far away! I am overwhelmed by the number of entries I have received for my giveaway, thanks so much! Leah


byebyebirdie said...

Hi Leah , it was lovely to meet you on saturday at the Daylesford Makers Market. Your stall looked great (an area which I'm working on)and your products were lovely! Good luck for the Sisters Market in Melbourne.-from Jocelyn.