Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Lucky for us that we have a new pool it's 44degrees here today, it was hot yesterday too, one of my hens literally dropped of the perch! Our little Gracie girl loves to pull faces when we take photo's now. Thanks for dropping in. Leah
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Swift Jan said...

44 degrees!! Wow that is warm.... Still waiting for a HOT day here. Normally we would have had a few by now... I hope you get a cool change soon

MooreMagnets said...

What a cutie! Burrrrr, too cold here for swimming! But alas, I will try to enjoy the cold while it is here!

Chrisy said...

oh those temps down there are ridiculous...think i'd be droppin off my perch too! Ur little one is gorgeous...yeah they can stay in that funny face for the camera stage for at least five years!!!

Sandie said...

44 - oh lordy........i was struggling with 39 here yesterday.

Poor old chookie!!!!

Great photo too Leah.

Luv Sandie

Caminín said...

Your blog is really nice!!

44 degrees!!! here in the north of Spain is everything covered with snow and we are freezing!!!