Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A huge box of tomatoes!

Hi, this is what I have been doing, not the scrapping, because Jack has been scrapping up a storm (and a huge mess) for days! He has used all my double sided tape adding decorations to his guinea pig cage! I created this page when I made my first lot of tomato relish in June, it was a Kim Archer online class. We bought a huge box of tomatoes at a roadside stall recently, so I'm making my 2nd 3rd and 4th batch this week. It is so delicious with homemade sausage rolls or as a base for our home made pizzas and some of it is for friends. Thanks for stopping by! Leah


Metalsgirl said...

Super cute blog! Tomato relish sounds delicious!!! I've never had it.

Weeza said...

Awesome scrap page. I love canning too. So much fun.

KayzKreationz said...

Looks very interesting. And sounds delicious. May have to try some tomato relish.

nina .... said...

ohhhh!!! i loooove tomato relish!! clever you!!

love that LO too...

oh, byw, i can relate to your scrap stash being used by the kids too....DD has been going mad with my scrappy stash this school holidays, i dare not stop her, it is great to see that she as a creative itch also!!

take care,

Nina xx

Sandie said...

Love the layout Leah - well done
The relish looks yummo - lucky you!!

I had a giggle when I read about the double sided tape being used for the Guinea Pig cage............tell me you got photos of this!!!! It's a crack up.

Luv Sandie

Catherine said...

Oh I love tomato relish. I am known to whip up batch upon batch. I seem to have little obsessions. A couple of years ago it was relish, pickles and jams. I even bought boxes of new bottles.

When the weather cools, I think that I will make another batch. We should swap a bottle!

x Catherine

Diamondaj said...

I've never had tomato relish, sounds good : )

Petrina McDonald said...

yum yum yum! how do you find the time lady????
And LOL! at Jack with all your DS tape - I have someone here who would give him a run for his money!