Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's friday again!

I was reading this lovely blog, which linked me to these! maisybrown I love them! and yes, crochet bikinis are in too, they would be very cute for Gracie, but not for me!!! Have a great weekend! Leah


Sandie said...

Oooh such yummy goodies Leah.

Hey I've been to Meet Me At Mikes and simply loved it. Only trouble was that everything was SO expensive. Just gorgeous though.
Let's just say the stuff I used to play with and wear as a kid is worth a small fortune now. Funny hey.

Luv Sandie

Catherine said...

This is gorgeous. I think that after the Christmas and New Year eating which I have done, I need something a little more covering for my beach holiday, which starts tomorrow. This would have been the perfect solution.

x Catherine