Thursday, September 25, 2008

A big old bedspread

yesterday I took the kids for a picnic lunch at the playground and we visited some second hand stores. We found this old bedspread, it has many of these roses on it and lots of other patterns. Harry couldn't believe that I gave the lady all the money from my purse for a dirty old bedspread, he wanted an icecream!! It's huge, I soaked it in the bath overnight and my husband had to lift it out for me, so heavy! The lady said that she had lots more packed in boxes, I almost begged her for a look, (with my almost non existent voice!!) but she said no it was to difficult to get them all out, I gave her my phone number, I really hope that she phones me one day as these are becoming very difficult to find in Australia. I'll post some etsy favourites tomorrow, thanks for visiting! Leah


Kari said...

Very pretty! Glad you found yourself a great treasure!