Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hello, I thought I'd add a quick post first thing today, couldn't think of a more imaginative title. I think that starting a blog to promote my favourite things is beginning to work., I awoke to quite a bit of gorgeous "happy mail" in my inbox today!
I haven't had a chance to create any new pink things yet, but I want to use this piece , it's all I have left of this bedspread and I love it!

Lot's of people have pointed it out when they look at Grace's quilt and tell me that they HAD one just like it. I'd love another one, anyone out there still have one that they would part with?? Have a great Saturday! Leah


Little Lovables said...

I almost used that RunzWithSciccors necklace on my blog, due to the scissor accident!

I love that bedspread. It would look lovely in a chippy white frame with a black matt, and maybe some pretty embroidery in the corner of it or something. How special to have that. Cute blog!