Monday, November 10, 2008

I've donated!

$10.00 right here I know that's not much ,but it might help a little! I sold $100.00 worth of pink chenille items during the month of October, not too bad for a busy mum! My sister and I donated $20.00 each at the lovely "pink" night that we attended on the weekend too. Jack says he loved the pink "laminations" that I bought home! Toby will be 3 soon and he is looking for his birthday everywhere, under the cushions on the couch, under the computer desk, funny, I don't quite understand why he thinks he might find it! Sorry I haven't got a pic today but you can see my latest scrap booking here. Thanks for dropping in! Leah


Sapphire&Ice said...

Hi, Leah.

I've included you in my Etsy Bloggers blogroll.