Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jack started his transition into primary school yesterday. He is wearing Harry's old uniform I haven't bought him his own yet. I imagine he will grow even more before Feburary. He had a great day, but it makes me feel sad! Hope that you are enjoying your week! Leah


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Good luck, Little man!
(what a cutey pie!)
Smiles, Karen

Sandie said...

Oh how gorgeous Leah.........I know what you mean about sad - been there done that.
It does get easier.

Luv Sandie

Walk in the Woods said...

Well, he is just too adorable!

And I always smile when I witness folks honoring those beautiful melancholy moments of life. Thank you for the smile, :)

Magnolia Blossom Art said...

OMGoodness ... how adorable are your children! First day of school is always a mixture of emotions .. for them and us!! Good luck! Thanks for your post on my blog :-)

april said...

What a sweetie!

esque said...

Cute little fella! That uniform is totally awesome!